The fundamentals of human resource management are extensively described in European and American literature. This book summarises the general human resource management philosophies, theories, strategies and techniques and links them to the specific African context. The usefulness of these general insights of human resource management not only depends on whether or not the organisation is public or private, but also whether they are local or foreign. It also depends on the socio economic and cultural environment. In that regard, current African human resource management practices and techniques are best compared to those of European and American organisations of the 1960s and 70s. Nevertheless, globalisation has forced managers to learn and adapt to new ways of managing human resources faster than ever before. This book is useful for all students, academics and professionals in human resource management in general and more importantly those who work or are interested in African organisations.

Year of publication: 2014
Series: African Public Administration and Management Series
Volume: 2



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Josephat Itika
Leiden : African Studies Centre