Tales of Zambia is a fascinating compilation of 86 stories about Zambia - characters from the early days, folk tales from the distant past, descriptions of unusual events - the death of Dr. Livingstone, naval war on Lake Tanganyika, how Lundazi got its castle, the Broken Hill air crash... how Cairo Road got its name, the meaning of kapenta, the legend of the Kongamato... the tiger fish and the fish eagle, the white ant and the black lechwe... Where the Copperbelt came from, how we lost Katanga, the tale of Count Caprivi's Strip... There are the stories of our national monuments and museums, the origins of our mining industry, the beginnings of our capital city... Every Zambian will learn things he did not know  about his country and its people, every visitor to it will take away a permanent reminder of the variety and significance of their experience.

Zambia is one of the most interesting countries on the continent of Africa, and this book sets out to prove it. Dick Hobson, the author, has used his extensive collection of books, papers, cuttings, and correspondence about Zambia to build on the experience of many years of living in and writing about the country.




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Dick Hobson
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