The recent but rapid urbanization poses huge housing challenges to governments, non-governmental organisations, private sector, women and men. Since the world HABITAT Summit in 1996 not adequate time has lapsed for fundamental reforms to be expected nor a realistic expectation of global policy to have been fully localized but time is long enough for assessment of emerging issues in housing in the region.
This third publication of the Gender Research on Urbanization, Planning, Housing and everyday Life (GRUPHEL) Research Network entitled: Gender and Urban Housing in Southern Africa: Emerging Issues, brings together eight research papers, which have resulted from work undertaken from seven countries around Southern Africa region. Though, diverse in terms of countries where research was undertaken, the papers are thematically anchored around gender and urban housing, with emphasis on qualitative methodology. They illustrate an important perspective of gender, and gender relations in the various facets of housing provision/acquisition approaches including, home-ownership, low-income and self-help schemes; tenancy; sanitation technology; housing construction and privatisation. Several major issues emerging from these are classified under the following themes: gender neutrality; gender exclusion; property rights; family, home and inheritance; and gendered work. It is the aim of this book to inform scholars and practitioners on issues of gender and urban housing in Southern Africa and elsewhere.



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: 9789991131320
: Edited by Anita Larsson, Matseliso Mapetla and Ann Schlyter
: Paperback
: Isas