It is a time of chaos.

Afghanistan has just been liberated from the oppressive Taliban. Warlords battle each other for supremacy, while the powerless, the dispossessed, the hungry and the desperate struggle to survive.
In these days and months of bleakness, suffering and want, a glimmer of hope emerges - in the form of a spirited little breakfast-time radio programme, Good Morning Afghanistan. This book is a true account of how a broken nation finds a voice through the radio. Over the airwaves a land ravaged by decades of war learns again what it means to live to be happy, to listen to music, to laugh and to be joyful at all life's colours.
The story of setting up this radio programme is filled with heartbreak and triumph, tears and laughter, despair - and endless hope.



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: 9781903070536
: Waseem Mahmood
: Hardcover
: Eye Books