This collective volume, which is based on a conference of the Netherlands Association for African Studies, held in November 2005, contains the following contributions: Introduction, by Jon Abbink & André van Dokkum; Conservation of nature and rural development in south-eastern Senegal, by Hans P.M. van den Breemer; Land and embedded rights: an analysis of land conflicts in Luoland, western Kenya, by Paul Hebinck & Nelson Mango; 'Frivolous squandering': consumption and redistribution in mining camps [Burkina Faso], by Katja Werthmann; The construction and de-composition of 'violence' and peace: the Anyuaa experience, Western Ethiopia, by Bayleyegn Tasew; Maintaining an elite position: how Franco-Mauritians sustain their leading role in postcolonial Mauritius, by Tijo Salverda; "These dread-locked gangsters": the Mungiki as dramatic actors in Kenya's public arena: from political protest to political participation?, by Anna Betsy Kanneworff; The role of the informal sector to spread development beyond Dar es Salaam [Tanzania]: flows of people, goods and money, by Meine Pieter van Dijk; Mocking the State: comic strips in the Zimbabwean press, by Wendy Willems; A tale of two wars: the militarization of Dinka and Nuer identities in South Sudan, by Naglaa Elhag; Gold mining in Sanmatenga, Burkina Faso: governing sites, appropriating wealth, by Sabine Luning; Peace parks as the cure for boundary conflicts?: creating the Namibian-South African Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Park along the contested Orange River boundary, by Marloes van Amerom; Development encounters: Westerners and chieftaincy in southern Ghana, by Marijke Steegstra; African writers in the global world: Tierno Monénembo, by Elisa Diallo. [ASC Leiden abstract]
Year of publication: 2008
Series: African Studies Collection
Volume: 12

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Jan Abbink & Andre van Dokkum
African Studies Centre
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