This volume contains 17 papers presented at the Coastal Ecology Conference (on the Kenyan coast) in Mombasa, Kenya, in 2006. Contents: Introduction, by J. Hoorweg and N. Muthiga. Part 1 (Fish and fisheries): Fish species composition and distribution in Kilifi Creek (D.O. Sigana, K.M. Mavuti & R.K. Ruwa); Exploitation of marine aquarium reef fisheries at the Kenyan coast (G.M. Okemwa et al.). Income diversification and fishing practices among artisanal fishers on the Malindi-Kilifi coast (J. Hoorweg,et al.) Human dimensions of conserving Kenya's coral reefs (J.E. Cinner et al.). Marine conservation: the voice of the fishers (N. Versleijen and J. Hoorweg). The capacity of fisherfolk to implement beach management units in Diani-Chale (S. J. Oluoch, D. Obura & A. Hussein). Part 2 (Mangroves): Structural inventory of mangrove forests in Ngomeni (G. Bundotich et al.). Seasonal dynamics of soil carbon dioxide flux in a restored young mangrove plantation at Gazi Bay (B. Kiruwi et al.). Mangrove plantation experiments for controlling coastal erosion at Gazi Bay (J.K. Lang'at et al.). Biomass accumulation in a rehabilitated mangrove forest at Gazi Bay (F. Tamooh et al.). Part 3 (Conservation and management): Seasonal fluctuations in zooxanthellae densities in corals in the Mombasa Marine Park, 1998-2006 (G. Grimsditch et al.). Holothurian population resource assessment: Mombasa Marine National Park and nearby unprotected reefs (P.O. Orwa et al.). Evaluating the effectiveness of management of the Kisite-Mpunguti marine protected area (N.A. Muthiga). Perceptions about trends and threats regarding sea turtles in Kenya (A.W. Wamukota & G. Okemwa). Part 4 (Rehabilitation and coastal processes): Planning and evaluating performance of ecosystem restoration projects: the case of Bamburi limestone quarry (Paula Kahumbu). Tick species, distribution, and control in rehabilitated quarries in Bamburi, Mombasa (S. Okanga). Interaction between hydrography and tides of an ebb-dominated shallow water estuary: the Tudor Creek (M.M. Nguli et al.). [ASC Leiden abstract]
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Year of publication: 2009
Series: African Studies Collection
Volume: 20
Jan Hoorweg & Nyawira Muthiga
African Studies Centre
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