While the last two decades have seen the emergence of several significant black political cartoonists and comic artists, Mogorosi Motshumi is the first black South African comic artist to produce a long-form graphic autobiography. At more than 300 pages, 360 degrees, to be released in three volumes, is one of the most substantial works of graphic literature to emerge from South Africa to date.

The story begins in the small township house of his redoubtable grandmother Harriet Motshumi, and ends there 50 years later, as the battle-scarred veteran cartoonist sits down to convert a lifetime of experiences into thousands of meticulously rendered comic strip panels. From his childhood days to his years as a Black Consciousness activist in the aftermath of the Soweto uprising, to his heyday as the author of the popular Sloppy comic strip during the 1980s, through divorce, addiction, family tragedy, and finally, HIV/AIDS, Motshumi's story is as South African a saga as it is possible to imagine.




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Mogorosi Motshumi
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