This book is concerned with European diplomacy in Africa and shows in detail why Leopold of Belgium, who had the support of some British commercial interests during the crucial years of the 1800's, won this place of the scramble. British activities in the Congo basin in the period 1800'1890 were very varied. They ranged from the simple conclusion of treaties with petty African tribes to the project of making Portugal the guardian of Free Trade and British interests; from the modest exertions of a few small firms to an ambitious scheme for the establishment of British economic predominance under the aegis of the Congo Free State. Tuckey's expedition - The assertation of British paramountcy on the Lower Congo and adjoining coast and its diplomatic background - The beginnings of British collaboration with Leopold II - The evolution of Britain's new Congo policy - The British opposition to the Anglo-Portuguese treaty - The A.-P. treaty: stiffening of terms, signature and abandonment - British recognition of the Association Internationale du Congo - The Congo railway concession - Aftermath and conclusions. Appendices.



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R. Tanstey
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