Dominic Mulaisho published his first novel The Tongue of the Dumb (AWS 98) in 1971. In both of his novels he has succeeded in portraying the realities of power in the lives of individual characters. He was born in 1933 in Feira, Zambia. He was educated at Katondwe Mission, Canisius College, Chalimbana and the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. From 1965 he was the Permanent Secretary  in the Office of the President, Ministry of Education and other Ministries. He then moved to be Chairman of the Mining Industry, then General Manager of the National Agricultural Marketing Board and then Managing Director of Indeco. He is now Economics Adviser to President Kaunda in State House.

The extremists led by Sir Ray Norris are fighting to hang on to power. The Governor, Sir Elwyn Baker, a Labour Party appointee, is concentrating on how to keep order in the period before the African Nationalists Kawala and Katenga take over Kandaha, a British colony in central Africa which is between Rhodesia and Zambia and near Musi-o-Tunya, the Victoria Falls. Dominic Mulaisho has had a long career in the public service and his experience gives reality to the fictional struggle in this novel.



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Dominic Mulaisho