In the middle of January 1964 banner headlines all over the world proclaimed the overthrow of the Sultan of Zanzibar's government. The leader of the revolution was an enigmatic figure called John Okello. Variously described by baffled reporters as a professional Cuban-trained revolutionary, a Kenya policeman or part of an East-Africa-wide conspiracy, he was none of these. Who he was, where he came from and how he came to lead a group of brave and desperate men in bitter struggle against the well-armed forces of a despotic regime are revealed for the first time in this astonishing testament. With simplicity and surprising candour John Okello has unfolded the hardships and tragedies of his early life and the long journey which brought him from herding cows in the grasslands of Uganda to the leadership of Zanzibar's nine-hour revolution. He also reveals the long planning, the hopes and the ideals that lay behind this event. John Okello's story is not only a valuable contribution to historical knowledge: it is a great human document.




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John Okello
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