Saskia Pfaeltzer (visual artist) and Maria van Enckevort (educator and historian): The thirty philosophers are presented neither alphabetically nor chronologically - at an early stage it became clear that a web of connections exists between the various philosophers - we only had to follow the lead. Like them, "have the courage to think for yourself."

About the book:
Margriet Schavemaker (Director Amsterdam Museum, the Netherlands): "With so much joy I looked at the large variety of very artistically and detailed portraits of the philosophers accompienied by these crisp chosen quotes. What a joy and enrichment for everybody's library, even if you never encountered a book of any thinker."

Adriaan van Dis (writer): "An inspiring introduction that makes your world bigger and frees you from the stuffy western - and sometimes overly white - thinking. Useful and necessary brain gymnastics, especially now that more and more countries tend to turn inward and embrace the myth of 'our own people first. An eyeopener!"

Year of publication: 2020
Series: Occasional Publication
Volume: 40



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Saskia Pfaeltzer, Maria van Enckevort-Cijntje
African Studies Centre Leiden