The recent conflict in Côte d'Ivoire has led to the militarization of many young civilians on both belligerent sides, especially in the west of the country. What is of particular interest is that many of these youths have assumed a function of 'commuting' conscripts, alternating periods of semi-military work, where they had to report to some kind of warlike hierarchy, with periods at home where they went back to a quasi daily routine. This became particularly characteristic as the Ivoirian war evolved into a situation of 'no peace, no war' with sporadic violence still occurring, but only at certain periods and within specific settings. This book examines the different processes that led to the militarization and demilitarization of youth in Côte d'Ivoire during the period 2002-2007 in a context where borders between the military, civilian, and humanitarian arenas have never been strict, and have varied according to conflict phases, individuals' social networks and the locality of the recruitment. [Book abstract]
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Year of publication: 2011
Series: African Studies Collection
Volume: 36
Magali Chelpi-den Hamer
African Studies Centre
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