Language in Tanzania presents the final report of the Survey of Language Use and Language Teaching in Eastern Africa, for which extensive research was carried out by an interdisciplinary group of international and local scholars. The surveym which also covered Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, represents the most comprehensive sociolinguistic study made in this region in modern times. It provides the basic linguistic data necessary to policy-makers, administrators, educators, and others with responsibility for the formulation and execution of language policy. It is of particular interest in Tanzania, a country with a positive and clearcut language policy in relation to Swahili.

Edited by Professor Polomé of the University of Texas and C.P. Hill of the Institute of Education, London, this book presents the findings of their survey in a style easily comprehensible to the layman. After a discussion in Part I of the general language situation in the country and in particular the position and history of Swahili, the book proceeds in Part II to studies of language use and in Part III to a detailed survey of language and education. A feature of the book is the detailed bibliographies which many contributors have attached to their sections, not least Professor Polomé's bibliographies on Tanzanian language material, published and in manuscript form; Professor Abdulaziz's bibliography on language planning; and C.P. Hill's bibliography on language and education in Tanzania.



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Edgar C. Polomé, C.P. Hill
Hard cover
Oxford University Press