'As for me, my stiffest earthly assignment is ended and my major life's work is done. My country is now free, and I have been honoured to be its first indigenous Head of State. What more could one desire in life?'
These words were spoken in 1960 by Dr. Azikiwe, the President of Nigeria and one of the outstanding personalities in Africa today. Professor Jones-Quartey, a Ghanaian and personal friend, is concerned in this book to give an impartial account of his turbulent life. For if Dr Azikiwe had been (as the author puts it) 'a blameless angel, perhaps his biography would not have been worth writing for serious people to read'. In particular he examines the President's part in the government's acquisition of the African Continental Bank, and tries to discover why he chose to become Head of State rather than Prime Minister on his country's independence.
Above all this book gives us an insight into a man whose career has bridged the gap between empire and commonwealth, and into problems that may also beset other emergent countries in Africa.



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K.A.B. Jones-Quartey
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